A Pleasant Response
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A Pleasant Response

Michael Oliver Best submitted the following response to the idiotic contract demands of the new LSD Champion:

            1. A Hall of Fame salary. Not happening. Might want to see if any McKenna Blue companies are inducting folks and maybe snag that salary
            2. Plus one dollar. I can agree to $1 salary
            3. Permissions to use the Best Arena’s gym facilities that were previously only permitted for Best Alliance members. Denied. 
            4. An Arthur Pleasant HOW ice cream bar Denied. I am open to a Pleasant branded salt however.
              1. Orange coconut pistachio lemon mint chocolate fig newton flavor
            5. Admin privileges for the HOW Discord Denied. The CEO barely has these privileges. Nice try however.
              1. So he can kick Darin Zion.
              2. When no one else is around to do the job.

Official offer of $48,000 has been offered to Pleasant. Negotiations will NOT be done in public. Pleasant has been encouraged to reach out to Best thru the proper channels.