Zion Responds to Sir Simon Sparrow
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Zion Responds to Sir Simon Sparrow

Rounding the corner of the backstage parking lot, Brian Bare and a camera crew pursue Darin Zion. While Zion’s loading up his luggage in the back of his car, Bare and crew catch him off guard. Leaping into the air, Zion freaks out as HOW’s worst reporter doesn’t announce himself.  A scowl forms on Darin’s face.  He’s starring a hole right into the bumbling reporter.  Bare still doesn’t comprehend Zion’s frustration while barraging HOW’s Little Brother with questions.

Brian Bare:  Congratulations on your huge win!  It’s quite an accomplishment for you to string together 4 victories in a row over the last 3 years.  You must be proud of your hard work.

Leaning against the car, Zion crosses his arms, giving Bare a seething glare.  Bare’s entire body tenses up at this sight.

Brian Bare:  Anyways, I want to address something that occurred before your match.  Let’s take a look at what happened.

The scene fades to Simon Sparrow interrupting Zion and Azula’s second outting as a tag team.  Sprarrow cuts a promo demanding Zion apologize for his scathing remarks about Gilda.  After finishing his thoughts, Sparrow storms off stage.  Cutting back to Zion, his arms still remained crossed against his chest.  Now you can see him rolling his eyes in the back of his head.  Bare continues to ramble on.

Brian Bare:  Judging by Simon’s actions, your last week attempts succeeded. I’ve never seen the Hall of Famer so pissed off.  He’s being generous towards you.  He hopes you make the right decision.  In fact, he’s…

Zion wastes no time in yanking the microphone from Bare’s hands.  Pushing HOW’s resident brown noser out of the scene, Zion’s intensity glows in his eyes.  He walks up and gets right in the lens of the camera.  More animated than usual while he speaks, Zion clearly articulates his points.

Darin Zion: Jatt demands I apologize for my words, huh?  Yes, I will still call him Jatt Starr.  I don’t fuckin’ care about his identity changes or not.  He’s still acting like the Emperor of Jattlantis.  The Kingpin of Jatthattan.  The High Chancellor Jatt-I Order.  Blah! Blah!  Blah!

Zion shakes his head as he looks off in the distance and continues his points.

Darin Zion:  Well, what about when you disparaged my name?  Don’t play stupid with me, Jatt.  I fucking never forgot what you and the other Hall of Famers did to me for the last 7-8 years.  When I was on fire in the second era; you buried my spunk.  Every one of you breathed down my neck for the slightest detection of a mistake.  Hell, the past 3 years; none of you came to my rescue when I needed help.  I’ve proven my loyalty to the machine and Lee Best’s baby.   I watched you all knock your jollies at MY expense.

Zion’s face glows red, he’s clenching his fists together tight.  His body begins to visibly shake.

Darin Zion:  I’ve bent the knee every which way the last 3 years showing the Hall of Famers respect.  Yes, over the last few years, I realize I’ve been critical back.  I’m not a perfect person nor do I expect perfection.  It’s an unreasonable request.  We’re human beings and make mistakes.  I want to show more grace than the Hall of Famers did to me.

Zion glances down at the ground for a moment.  He shakes his head for a moment.   It’s almost a remorseful tone.

Darin Zion:  But I don’t tolerate bullshit theatrics that Jatt pulled.  You Jattastic Jatt-off!  I have a fucking locker room.  You’re always welcome to knock on my door.  I’m not afraid to work things out from one man to another.  We could have blow past all this shit without all the drama you inject.  And I get it.  Gilda’s family!  You protect family at all costs.  You fight against people who use your family’s name to leapfrog their status.  I did it to Xander when he tried to sacrifice Meredith.  I expect nothing less from you to do it.  They were harsh comments.  I’ll agree to that.

Zion takes in a deep breath and lets a sigh out.

Darin Zion:  But you didn’t assume positive intent out of me.  You ever think I’m tired of being everyone’s door mat around here, Jatt?  Did you give me grace because I might have been angry about getting screwed over for the 15 billionth time?  You ever think for a moment I’m intense after spending the last 3 years trying to win singles gold?  I lose myself to my anger easily.  It’s a known fact.  Out of everyone in the back, YOU KNOW that.  You didn’t give me ANY grace in that situation.  You only wanted to poke at me and make me look WEAKER than you.  Never once did you consider my feelings.  I considered yours after those comments came out.  I can’t take it back, Jatt.  It’s not like we’ve got Brenton Cross’ eyeball to travel back in time.

Zion smirks at the camera.  You can tell a light’s gone off in his head.

Darin Zion:  So, I’ll tell you what, Mr. Starr.  I’m not going to bend a knee and just hand over an apology in this situation.  We’re both men here.  Neither one of us is going to succumb to the other.  We’re both stubborn assholes.  It’s never going to happen.  But, I think I’ve got a compromise.  I’ve always found that when I’ve got problems; you step into that squared circle and handle them.  Doesn’t matter if you’re friends, enemies, family, etc.  I’ve got it on good faith if I step into that ring with you, Jatt, one on one.  We’ll resolve years’ worth of issues.  You will see a new side to me and I’ll see a different side to you.

Zion nods while he continues onward.

Darin Zion:  So, I’m challenging you to an Unsanctioned Match at any time, sir.  All you have to do is accept the match.  No strings attached to what I’m gonna give to you and Gilda.  You accept my challenge and I’ll give you a $15,000 donation to her hospital bills.  I’m more than willing to offer more support if you accept.  It gives you the ability to beat the hell out of me.  It gives me the platform to put on a show for the rest of crowd.  Hell, maybe between both our efforts; we can raise more support to help your daughter out.

Zion cracks his neck a couple times.

Darin Zion:  But you and I both know talk in HOW is fucking cheap.  I’m willing to man up to show my regret behind comments.  But I wanna see you man up for all the shit you’ve talked to me.  You show up, we tear down the house.  We do something to hopefully pull Gilda out of this.   But ball’s back in your court, Jatt.  I’ve drawn the line out of the disrespect and character slander you’ve committed against me in the last two years.  If you want to show me your honor, show me it.  FIGHT ME.  Accept this challenge.  If you do; I’ll man up and follow through with my word.

Zion places the microphone down on the ground and rolls it in Bare’s direction.  He loads up his car and peels off as the scene fades to black.