Simon Sparrow Makes Surprise Appearance at MVW Show
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Simon Sparrow Makes Surprise Appearance at MVW Show

Simon Sparrow shocked Missouri Valley Wrestling fans in Carbondale, Illinois earlier tonight when he appeared at a house show and helped Scott Stevens defeat Darin Zion.

Sparrow is furious with Zion over comments he made a couple weeks ago before a tag match between Zion and Xander Azula versus Sparrow and Mario Maurako.

Here’s what Zion said:

“When I’m done bludgeoning your skull with my fists; you won’t remember your own name.  Rather Jatt Sparrow or Simon Starr awakens in the hospital, I’ll make you a promise. I’ll make damn sure they give you a hospital bed near your dearest daughter Gilda.  Maybe she’ll wake daddy up out of his coma when I’m done with him.”

Sparrow came out last week and demanded an apology.  Zion did not give one and the situation escalated further when last night on Refueled there was a confrontation between Sparrow and Zion.  Sparrow called Zion out to the ring and again demanded an apology for the remark.  Zion did not apologize and the back and forth quickly spiraled into heated words between the two leading to what happened tonight in Carbondale.

Zion had just hit the Ratings Spike on Stevens and looked like he was about to win the match when there was a commotion.  Much to everyone’s surprise, Sparrow stepped out from behind the curtain and marched right down to the ring.  Instead of pinning Stevens, Zion saw Sparrow and went over and began arguing with him again.  This went on for a few seconds until Stevens low bridged Zion from behind, hit the Toxic Sting, and pinned him.  Sparrow added a parting shot for Zion before he went to the back.