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The Elder Scrolls of Detroit urge caution to World Champion Conor Fuse and David Noble in their upcoming Refueled match. Coming off victory against Missouri Valley Wrestling, Fuse & Noble are still alive in the Maurako Cup tournament. However, standing in their way are HOTv Champion Jeffrey James Roberts and Arthur Pleasant, who just took LSD Champion John Sektor to the limit.

“The Elder Scrolls of Detroit are a very weathered, intense demographic,” cites the memoir to Fuse and Noble. “There’s not much we haven’t seen living in the Motor City. Nevertheless, Roberts and Pleasant are a different breed. They should be taken with the most vigilance possible.”

Neither Fuse nor Noble were available for comments but the Elders likely understand both men know how dangerous these devil’s advocates can be. #97, in particularly, has rumored to tell the Elder Scrolls of Chicago he has been looking forward to a match against JJR for a “very long time”.

Or since the moment Roberts stepped into a High Octane ring.

“Jeffrey is different,” a clip of Fuse recently resurfaced in an interview, “and I don’t mean in the obvious way.”

Soon, Fuse may further elaborate. The belief is Conor greatly respects JJR. Regardless, anticipation for their tag team match builds and comes to a head this Sunday, at ReFUSEd LXXXVIII.

“There will be no rebranding of the High Octane television show as ‘ReFUSEd’ on February 20th,” the Elder Scrolls of Chicago let the ES-DET unit know yesterday. “Conor (and David) realize come Refueled LXXXVIII, everything is on the line.”

ES-CHI ended by saying Fuse and Noble wouldn’t have it any other way.