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The Elder Scrolls of NYC forgive Scott Stevens for his attack on them two weeks ago. ES:NYC understand Scott was simply trying to reestablish himself and lay out a challenge for The Ultimate Gamer, so he had to make a mark.

In addition to expressing their forgiveness, the ES:NYC Unit conducted a quick interview with World Champion Last Level Legend Conor Fuse over something called a Skype? Or was it Discord? Maybe Zoom? Either way, here are some highlights…

Conor Fuse on Scott Stevens – “I forgive Scott for his attack on the ES, too. I also forgive Scott for September 5, 2020. He showed up last night. He brought his A Game and that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I’ve known Scott from other systems and he has the potential to absolutely bring it. The man is a former World Champion, not some actual nimrod scratched off the street and thrown into the ring. However, I will never be able to forgive him for his sneak attack victory on Jace. If you mess with my friends, I can’t forgive you. Please understand this. But I’m also not gonna go outta my way and find more redemption, either. I honestly wish Stevens the best moving forward. I’m sure I’ll see him again in the future and I have no doubt if he keeps putting the effort in, he will find what he wants.”

Conor Fuse on tagging with David Noble – “Yeah David is a real cool guy. He’s just a little wound sometimes. Like, guy, hey guy, chill, it’s cool. Imma text him later today, invite him over to my hotel room. We can play some PS5, eat chips, drink Kool-Aid, it’ll be a blast. I know we’re already ‘behind the 8 ball’ with a loss but they don’t call me the tag team specialist for nothing. -Even though I’ve lost a lot of tag matches in HOW, it’s like there’s this team curse over me or something, it’s crazy.- Annnnyway, I’ve watched some of Noble’s in ring work, he’s solid. We’re gonna lay it all out there and see what happens. Also, fun last name. Noble.”

Conor Fuse on the potential of a new 4th member for AoA – “Every vintage unit has four. The Beatles, for example. So we’re searching for our Ringo Starr. Yeah, I’d say that’s fair. Mario is Paul, Simon’s gotta be John, right? And I’m George. That tracks. People forget George is, like, the best Beatle. Not that I’m saying I’m the best AoA, sorry that’s not what I meant LOL. Just George lead an interesting life. It was super dope. He’s so overlooked, not that I’m overlooked. I’m the World Champion FFS. Simon and Mario are so legit they should get the majority of the attention.”

Conor Fuse getting back on track about a potential of a new 4th member for AoA – “Honestly, I dunno who it’s gonna be. We want someone honest with a pure heart and the ability to campaign on his own or collectively in a four-player system. Imma let Mario deal with the heavy lifting here. He knows what he’s looking for. I trust him.”

Conor Fuse on what’s next for him and #97 – “You tell me. My last title campaign was a platformer, it was linear. The Boss was at the end, in his castle, waving to me. This journey seems like it’s an open world. It’s fun, yet scary. Do I happen to March into a difficult level too fast? Do I find a BOT instead? Am I in the castle or is the castle in me? No, seriously, I’m asking. Like what do I do?”

Conor ended the interview by saying he will be in Cleveland next week. Conor continues to look for a new place to live after moving out of the DLC.