2-Man Advantage
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2-Man Advantage

From the desk of Scottywood

“With the release of the first HOW card of 2022 and the start of the HOW Tag Team Tournament, I wanted to answer the questions of who I will be teaming with when 2-Man Advantage takes on AoA members… (who did he rope into this shit show?) Oh, yes, Jace Parker Davidson and the HOW World Champion, Conor Fuse.”

“I know the AoA, both teams that is, just can’t wait to wrestle against The Hardcore Artist.  I’m sure Mario Maurako can’t wait to relive his second biggest feud in HOW and personally thank me for beating Bobbinette Carey for him at ICONIC.”

“But atlas… I believe there has been some confusion.  As it will not be me stepping into that ring for the HOW Tag Team Tournament.  I will be focusing on something much more important to me… and that is planning to skin that that woke ass bitch Bobbinette Carey and put her to sleep for fucking good!”

“Instead, entering the Tag Team Tournament will be my two new recruits, from the city of Pain Court, Ontario, Canada… former Junior A hockey players… Chet Logan and Tanner Blake… 2-Man Advantage!  So Jace and Conor, good luck in your scrap next week… it’s gonna be a hell of a donnybrook. Cheers bros!”