Lethal Lottery Note….
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Lethal Lottery Note….

Michael Oliver Best is returning to High Octane Wrestling this Sunday live on HOTv as Refueled 82 will air live from the Manchester Center.

This was announced by the man himself tonight as he posted a blog aimed at the roster heading into this weekends show. He made it very clear that he is coming to the show on Sunday with intentions aimed at shaking things up. The timing of the blog is said to have been….well classic Best family.

Last time we saw Michael….well let’s just say it didnt go well.

But like all things High Octane…..time heals ALL wounds and one has to think that Michael’s returning is tied to something BIGGER going on.

We will find out with the rest of you this Sunday live on HOTv as HOW presents the annual Lethal Lottery special.

Good luck to everyone……….at least to those that try.