ICONIC Preview – LSD Championship – John Sektor vs Bill Dickinson
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ICONIC Preview – LSD Championship – John Sektor vs Bill Dickinson

Hello everyone, Jack Dawson here and I am bringing you; ICONIC Preview. Which is a spotlight of every match and every competitor taking place at this year’s ICONIC pay-per-view.


Up next on ICONIC spotlight is a highly anticipated grudge match between HOW Hall of Famer, John Sektor, as he takes on HOTv affiliate, Missouri Valley Wrestling’s own, Bill Dickinson. This rivalry is a little unique as it started with Sektor’s prodigy, Adam Ellis. Ellis first made his HOW debut in competing in the HOFC division in the title tournament that ultimately saw Mike Best win. After Adam’s run in the tournament was done, Sektor helped his understudy secure a deal with MVW to develop and hone his skills.

It all started on October 17, 2021 when Dickinson took weeks of frustration on the young Ellis because he had fallen behind J.J. Bittinger in the rankings and he had lost several times to John O’Reilly.

It escalated on November 1, 2021 when Dickinson questioned the supposed preferential treatment Adam had received since coming into MVW when he had to start at the bottom. He took out his frustrations on the youngster by attacking him after the match with three powerbombs until Scott Stevens had to break it up.

On November 8, 2021 things really started to heat up when HOW LSD champion, John Sektor, showed up out of nowhere and decided to return to the favor to Bill Dickinson for attacking his prodigy by costing him his number one contendership opportunity.

On Refueled, when asked about Bill Dickinson, John Sektor had some choice words; John Sektor says Dickinson’s a nobody and the mention of his name on a HOW show is his single greatest achievement in professional wrestling.  Sektor also calls Dickinson a ‘nobody,’ a ‘hack’, and a ‘bum’ who’s jealous of Adam Ellis.  Ellis has a chance at making it to the big time- Dickinson squandered his and was never good enough.

Dickinson responded the next night on Wrestling in the Heartland with; ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson says he roamed the independent wrestling companies for nearly 20 years/never backed down from a fight/the ass-kickings he received ‘like a man’/it made him a better wrestler. He’ll be damned if some ‘young punk kid who ain’t paid his dues get an easy ride just because of some “big shot wrestler from Chicago” who ain’t ever seen the inside of a bingo hall, national guard armory, or high school gymnasium.’

The Redneck Path of Rage continues on November 20, 2021 as Dickinson destroys Adam Ellis in the ring in front of Sektor, but doesn’t finish him off provoking Sektor to save his student. Because of the assault by Bill Dickinson, Adam suffered a serious concussion and was ruled out of his match with Dickinson at the Evening of Champions pay-per-view. Also, because of his actions, Ray MacAvay suspends Dickinson.

At Refueled 81, Dickinson decided to hit the big time as he interfered in the LSD title match between John Sektor and Darin Zion and attack the champion until the EPU had to come and break up the brawl.

At Refueled 83, the contract signing between these two men was made official.

One of the most highly contested rivalries in HOW and I bet everyone is sleeping on it. For two months, Bill Dickinson has been a thorn in the side of the LSD champion and the twenty year veteran is looking to prove a point that he belongs on the big stage just like any “Big Shot from Chicago.” However, the Gold Standard has other plans as he intends to show just what happens when big fishes from Fisher Price pounds who caught a break in MVW will be gutted and filet just like the rest when they go chasing waterfalls instead of sticking to the lakes and rivers they are used to.

Who will win the LSD Championship? The Gold Standard? Or the Alabama Redneck?

Tune into ICONIC to find out.

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John Sektor

Height: 6’1

Weight: 245

Signature Moves:

  • Sektor Stretch
  • C-Sektion
  • Hall of Fame elbow (HOF Elbow)
  • Di-Sektion
  • Seksational
  • Indian-Seks-Lock

Notable Accomplishments:

  • HOW Hall of Fame
  • HOW World Champion (5x)
  • HOW ICON Champion (4x)
  • HOW LSD Champion (2x)
  • HOW Television Champion (1x)
  • HOW Tag Team Champion (5x)
  • HOW Stable Champion (2x)
  • HOW 2014 Wrestler of the Year
  • HOW 2013 LBI Winner
  • HOW 2019 War Games Winner


Bill Dickinson

Height: 6’1

Weight: 330

Signature Moves:

  • Southern Fried Powerbomb

Notable Accomplishments:

  • MVW Men’s Championship
  • MVW Men’s Heartland Championship (Longest reigning)