ICONIC Preview – Bobby Dean vs Steve Solex
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ICONIC Preview – Bobby Dean vs Steve Solex

Hello everyone, Jack Dawson here and I am bringing you; ICONIC Preview. Which is a spotlight of every match and every competitor taking place at this year’s ICONIC pay-per-view.

First up is match number seven in the Gentlemen’s Agreement matchup between Bobby Dean and Steve Solex.

This Best of Seven series was brought together after both men were informed by upper management that they had not been too thrilled with their recent performances as of late and both men were on the hot seat of not having their contracts renewed at the end of the year. Both men decided to feud with one another to show HOW management and everyone that they deserve to still be on the roster in 2022 or they would willingly walk away from the company.

Who would have guessed it would have gone all the way to seven matches?

No one.

Most people would have figured it would have been over by now and that it wouldn’t have made it to ICONIC. This proves how special these individuals are despite what their records and reputations say.

Bobby Dean has been in and out of High Octane Wrestling for years, and despite his happy go lucky laid back demeanor he is very talented. When Bobby came back to compete in the Refueled Era of HOW he was weighing about the size of a small car. He got himself back into shape and he has had a decent run here in HOW. He has challenged for the tag titles and even managed to get a world title match as well. People sell Bobby short, but he is a technician in the ring, and he wants to continue to prove that by being on the roster of HOW in 2022.

Steve Solex, a man who was the final World champion from Legacy Pro Wrestling, came over to HOW when LPW closed its doors and the highly coveted and hyped individual found the transition very difficult. The biker from Huntington Beach struggled in his initial run through HOW and quickly disappeared after being highly sought after. Solex continued to come back and have short bursts of success before being let go once again. Solex found roaring success when he became HOW’s Number One Dad, and he found his footing in HOW when he shed his Number One Dad moniker, embraced his inner soldier and joined the Best Alliance and showed what equal rights truly was.

Both men have given it their all through six previous matches.

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Match 4

Match 5

Match 6

Who will win the series and be guaranteed a spot on the roster in 2022?

Tune into ICONIC to find out.

For more classic Steve Solex and Bobby Dean matches check out HOW’s Modern Era section on HOTv.com.




Steve Solex

Height: 6’3

Weight: 252

Signature Moves:

  • SolexPlex
  • Solexecution
  • Finger Poke of Dad
  • By Gosh! By Golly! The Clothesline from Heck!
  • Equal Rights Punch

Notable Accomplishments:

  • HOW Hall of Famer
  • HOTv champion (inaugural)
  • Best Alliance Captain
  • Enforcer of Equality

Bobby Dean

Height: 6’0

Weight: 369

Signature Moves:

  • The Deaner Weiner
  • Chocolate Mist
  • Purple Nurple
  • Foreplay

Notable Accomplishments:

  • HOW LSD champion
  • HOW Tag Team Champion