HOW Wife Swap
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HOW Wife Swap

After an altercation last week in Manchester, England post Refueled 82 between Former HOW HOTv Champion Jace Parker Davidson and HOW’s resident little brother Darin Zion. Heated words were exchanged between the two men which lead both Madison and Meredith to get into a physical altercation that had to be pulled apart by EPU members.

Both Davidson and Zion fled the scene each grabbing a hold of who they thought was their respective manager only it turns out that Davidson had grabbed a hold of Zion’s GF Meredith while Zion was left to deal with the likes of JPD’s sex-crazed manager in Madison. With tensions running high from their losses at the battle royal and the fact that EPU members were searching for them both men decided to keep the other’s woman and just make their way to Liverpool for Refueled 83

Obviously when they get to the arena on Sunday night the ladies would be returned to their proper client/significant other. Until that happens, we’ll just how that affects both men’s preparation for their matches on the card and heading into ICONIC.

More as this story develops.