Gentleman’s Agreement Stipulation Announced
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Gentleman’s Agreement Stipulation Announced

The Gentleman’s Agreement will officially go the distance. With three wins a piece, neither Bobby Dean nor Steve Solex will lose their jobs ahead of ICONIC, but they will have to face each other one last time to declare a winner to the agreement.

Before our correspondent was ejected from an elevator at a London hotel by Steve Solex, he was able to capture one quote from Steve.

“It’ll be a Last Man Standing match. That’s the only way to settle this once and for all.”

Shortly thereafter, in response to an email, Bobby Dean had this to say about the stipulation:

“Doesn’t bode well for ole Bobby Dean, there is nothing I like more than lying down! Getting up is sooooo much work!”

Bobby then requested that the match be changed to a Who Can Stay Down the Longest Match by saying:

“Who can stay down the longest sounds more like my kinda match!”

Steve Solex could not be reached for further comment.