THE ELDER SCROLLS: Starrabian Knight Edition
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THE ELDER SCROLLS: Starrabian Knight Edition

Dear Jatt,

While the current whereabouts and High Octane status of Conor Fuse is unknown, the Elders wish you the best in your upcoming contest vs. JPD. We have carefully reviewed both you and Jace’s progress and deem the outcome tomorrow as an obvious JATT STARR victory.

The Elders would also like to extend our heartfelt condolences in regards to your Rumble at the Rock loss. We know the feeling of coming up short all too well. The Elders, however, see you as the rightful LSD Champion. There is no dispute. Your former partner is a spiteful man and holds a sliver of the skill you possess.

Take forth, young Thane of Starrkarth. We know you will make the Elders proud. If Conor Fuse is watching, we know you will make him proud, too.

You always have.