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Greetings High Octane Players,

While the Elder Scrolls have been unable to reach Conor Fuse since the events of RATR, we have taken it upon ourselves to keep the ES department active for the (hopeful) return of The Vintage to his former self.

We Elders would like to remind the HOW community what news postings can be used for in the future. Including but not limited to:

-Medical updates
-Match announcements
-Pay-Per-View information
-New signings (and unlocked achievements)
-Contract extensions
-Interview segments
-Specialized cracking news
-On This Day
-Between the Ropes
-Birthday wishes
-Trolling purposes

The use of BREAKING news is warranted to those of a higher power. In the past, one eye patch would signify the status to post under this BREAKING category.

The Elders hope this clears the air when providing the High Octane website with appropriate, sufficient and concise information YOU the gamer need to know. Us greybeards always enjoy reading news articles so keep them coming.

In the meantime, the Elders await JPD vs. Conor Fuse at ICONIC, which is sure to be a spectacle between two of High Octane’s most elite high flyers.

The Elders would also like to extend their condolences to Eliza Dresden. No one should have to put up with a maniac like Jeffrey James Roberts. To call him a ‘high flyer’ is an embarrassment to those who specifically work their craft around, well, flying high and not munching on people’s faces for personal gain.


Intern, Elder Scrolls Department (ESD)