Sektor Protegee Confronted Again at MVW House Show
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Sektor Protegee Confronted Again at MVW House Show

For the second time in two weeks, an incident took place at a Missouri Valley Wrestling show involving John Sektor’s protégée Adam Ellis, who appeared at HOW’s HOFC 1 show back in July, and MVW wrestler ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson.

Following a close loss to J.J. Bittinger at MVW’s Saturday night Rockford, Illinois house show, Ellis was confronted again by Dickinson.  Dickinson climbed into the ring and tried to attack Ellis but Bittinger made the save by jumping in between the two.  A brief scuffle broke out before MVW Security intervened.

Dickinson then took a microphone and had this to say.

“Redneck” Bill Dickinson: You ain’t so bad without John Sektor being here, ain’t ya.  I roamed the independent wrestling companies for nearly twenty years now.  Never backed down from a fight.  Wrassled whoever they put in front of me.  Did it the ‘right way’.  Worked my ass off and took th’ ass-kickings I received like a man.  Cause I got my ass kicked early on, that made Bill Dickinson a better wrestler.  I sure as hell didn’t take shortcuts and I’ll be damned if I’m going to watch some young punk kid who ain’t paid his dues get an easy ride just because of some “big shot wrestler from Chicago” who ain’t ever seen the inside of a bingo hall, national guard armory, or high school gymnasium.

Sektor appeared last week at MVW’s Evansville, Indiana house show and attacked Dickinson’s brother at ringside for the beatdown Dickinson gave Ellis the week before.  Sektor’s distraction allowed Bittinger to roll up Dickinson in the ring for the win.

Ellis faces Dickinson next Saturday night in Peoria, Illinois.  John Sektor is expected to be on hand for the match.