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In an update following the news story that broke mere days ago about someone possibly returning to HOW, sources have confirmed that this was alluding to none other than Arthur Pleasant.

May’s Wrestler of the Month returned at Refueled LXXXI in very violent fashion by revealing himself to be under the mask and gear of a member of the EPU detail, seemingly providing the weekly “catch and release” for HOW’s #AndStill High Octane Television Champion, Jeffrey James Roberts. Upon revealing his identity to the world, Pleasant began viciously assaulting Eli Dresden after her HOTv Championship match with JJR. Following this seemingly unprovoked attack, the man known as the “Provocateur” then removed a piece of barbed wire from under his EPU protective vest and attempted to… saw Dresden’s skull completely in half with it. Jesus Christ. Ouch, much?

Fortunately the actual EPU force managed to stave off Pleasant’s gnarly attack before the grisly sight turned into something a bit more deadly.

In a brief but important medical update, Eli received a few stitches on her tongue from the barbs slicing into it, as well as some stitches for a few minor lacerations and overall superficial wounds. When asked about Eli Dresden’s status for the upcoming Lethal Lottery special event, it’s been said she’s cleared to compete.

We at DemGrapps dot com forward slash breaking news forward slash journalism forward slash we dot know dot people dot who dot know dot people managed to get only three words from Arthur via Microsoft Teams (we couldn’t afford the licensing for Zoom).

Those words were simply this;

“We’re not done.”

Stay tuned for more of this developing story.

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