Happy Birthday Jatt Starr!
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Happy Birthday Jatt Starr!

The Elders would like to take this opportunity to send a HAPPY BIRTHDAY message to the Thane of Starrkarth, Jatt Starr.

“Although Jatt refuses to disclose his age on the HOW website, it’s rumoured through the fan discord channel this is indeed Jatt’s birthday,” said Stanley, 90, intern in the department. “We know Jatt’s a major influence on Conor Fuse and we’d like to thank the man of a million nicknames for reaching out to Conor during this trying time. Conor has always looked up to you, Jatt and we are sure he is extremely appreciative of your thoughtful nature.”

The Elders are said to celebrate Starr’s birthday by watching historical footage of Jatt defeating the likes of Trent (ICONIC, 12/14/2009), “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze (March to Glory, 03/16/2009) and Aceldama for the World Championship (Turmoil, 05/13/2010).

The Elders would also like to take this time to tell John Sektor to go to hell for cheating to defeat Jatt Starr at Rumble at the Rock this past year. You are a mean man, Sektor. You never deserved Jatt’s friendship and everyone knows who’s the rightful LSD.

Happy birthday, Jatt! May many more successful years of wrestling come your way!

The Elders representing Conor Fuse