Dead Heat
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Dead Heat

The following statement has been submitted to via the HOW World Champion, Michael Lee Best, ahead of tonight’s edition of Refueled. This statement is aired unabridged, and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of High Octane Wrestling: 

“Dear Babies and/or Morons: 

Due to the overwhelmingly positive reactions to the first official HOW Gentlemen’s Games, my team has been absolutely buried until text messages, phone calls and e-mails regarding the content of Week 2’s event. 

In compliance with paragraph seventeen, subsection B of the Anglo-European Transcontinental Grappler’s Accords of 1993, and in the tradition of the Gentlemen’s Games’ values of being a gentlemen above all else, Cecilworth Farthington and I have agreed to a simultaneous mutual withdrawal from this week’s competition. This mutual withdrawal will result in a score of 0-0 for the week, or what our average audience would call a “tie”.

With respect to protecting the interest of our HOW World Championship match at ICONIC, and in a showing of respect and friendship, we have agreed on this draw in order to allow The Pride to fully focus on tonight’s main event. As Cecilworth is now up one game to zero, with one tie between us, he will have the rights to choose the next game… as is the traditions set forth in the Anglo-European Transcontinental Grappler’s Accords of 1993.

This is not an end to the Games, but a one week pause in order to preserve our focus. Scott Woodson promises to provide a tough match this week, and we feel it would be to the detriment of the Games themselves to sully them with something like a wrestling match afterward. Please be assured that both myself and Cecilworth are keenly aware that this is HOW’s flagship pay-per-view feud, and in fact the games themselves are HOW’s most popular weekly recurring segment in history. The Gentlemen’s Games will continue next week with the third game in our five game series, and details will be forthcoming as soon as we feel like making you read another news post about a match you resent so very, very much. 

P.S. – Creative has nothing for Clay Byrd. He has a shoot broken arm. Sorry marks.