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Bobby Dean winning his first match against Solex was a surprise to everyone! Many people had already counted the big guy out, myself included! But to see Bobby Dean pick up a second victory, back-to-back nonetheless, is simply unimaginable!

So here we are, Thanksgiving Day, and I’m here to announce the stipulation for the next bout in the Best of 7 Gentleman’s Agreement.

Considering today is turkey day for most of you, Bobby Dean has declared the next match to be a Thanksgiving Turkey Match!

What in the fuck is a Thanksgiving Turkey Match you may be asking yourselves. Well, the winner of the match will be the person who happens to shove his opponent’s head up the ass of a Thanksgiving Turkey. (If any of you have seen the episode of Friends where Monica has a turkey on her head, there ya go.)

Personally I don’t mind this stipulation. I was honestly worried he was going to pick that Bra and Panties match, he’s been talking about that stip A LOT lately!

Anyway, I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! See you at Refueled!


In other news, I was able to catch up with Doozer recently and asked him how it felt being Bobby Dean’s news bitch. The Old Bull snorted. That is all.