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Cracking News

In what many thought was an impossibility, Bobby Dean was able to secure his first (and more than likely, only) victory in the ongoing Gentleman’s Agreement against Steve Solex. In doing so he has earned the right to pick the stipulation in their next bout.

In typical Bobby Dean fashion he has procrastinated and has kept everyone waiting. You’d think he could release a simple statement declaring his choice, but apparently he’s been busy unpacking. Here is what he had to say, when we finally got a hold of him…

“I’ve been racking my brain all week long. So many stipulations come to mind. A Steven’s on a Pole match. A Pie Eating Contest. Or even a simple game of Hide and Seek. But no, I think I’ve got it. I’ve picked the best stipulation, that easily stacks the odds in my favor!

On Refueled LXXX, wait, XXX? Oh man, I really should have gone with my back up Bra and Panties match idea now! Anywho, on Refueled LXXX, I challenge Steve Solex to a Pillow Fight Match!”

So there it is boys and girls, on the next Refueled you will witness the first ever Pillow Fight match in all of High Octane history! All I have to say is, I hope Solex is able to win every remaining match, because the last thing people want to see is a Steven’s on a Pole match!