Bobby Dean vs. Steve Solex II Stipulation Announcement
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Bobby Dean vs. Steve Solex II Stipulation Announcement

After winning last week, Steve Solex was given the opportunity to choose the stipulation for this week’s match against Bobby Dean. Here is what he had to say:

“Since that fat fuck busted my forehead wide open at RATR with a fuckin’ steel chair, and I won last week…I figured the only way to truly get revenge on ol’ Kripsy Kreme was to have a Chairs Match this week on Refueled and put a canyon of red on that bitches forehead.”

So there you have it, short and to the point.

Bobby Dean and Steve Solex are currently in the midst of a best of seven match series leading into ICONIC.

The winner of each match will get to pick the next week’s stipulation.

The final and seventh match – if necessary – will take place at ICONIC.

If one of the two men is eliminated before ICONIC, that wrestler will be terminated from his contract. Solex currently has a one match lead.