By way of submission?
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By way of submission?

One of the most anticipated matches at Rumble at the Rock is the #97minute Ironman match against two former friends and tag team partners Jatt Starr and the LSD champion John Sektor. This rivalry has been brewing for a while and soon it all come to a head. Here at we have just received news that the plot for this match has thickened.

During a recent statement to his opponent, John Sektor has vowed to only try to beat Jatt Starr via submission. This means he will only be looking to achieve falls victories over Jatt by forcing him to tap out. Sektor has stated that this isn’t due to arrogance but merely a statement of how he intends to play to his own strengths.

With a war of two ego’s like the Gold and Jattinum standard, news like this should not come as a great surprise.

Will John Sektor successfully retain his LSD championship in the first ever #97minute Ironman match by submission only?

Or has he potentially limited himself and backed himself into a corner he may not get out of?

Tune in on October 30th, live from Alcatraz, to find out!