Darin Zion Attacked
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Darin Zion Attacked

HOWrestling.com has obtained security footage from the Way, the site of Refueled LXXV.  Our news team has learned the fate of Darin Zion after his encounter with Clay Byrd.  Below is the footage from backstage later on in the evening:

We cut to the parking garage of the Pit in New Mexico where Darin Zion and Meredith are leaving the arena.  They’re leaving before the main event airs on Refueled.  Despite getting clobbered by Clay earlier in the night, Darin’s walking upright as best as he can.  Unfortunately against his wishes, Meredith keeps chasing him down the corridor with ice.  Annoyed with all her attempts, Zion tries shooing her away.  Leaving with some dignity is a crucial strategy keeping Zion’s pride intact.  Taking an elongated sigh, Zion rolls his eyes at Meredith before accepting the ice in a begrudging way.

Darin Zion:  Fine!  I’ll relent this time, Meredith.  For once I would like to leave an arena with some shreds of dignity leftover.  Clay Byrd decimating me cripples what’s left of my fragile ego, but leaving with an ice bag over my forehead?  That’s plain insulting!

Meredith:  You know damn well it’ll keep the swelling down so you don’t develop a full blow concussion.  You’re lucky Clay’s actions didn’t have more dire consequences.  He could have shelved you permanently.

Darin Zion:  I hate it when you’re right, but can we please leave town before the crowd catches wind of this?  I don’t need the dirt sheets to rub more salt into my wounds.  Let’s haul our asses out to Phoenix before anything else can go wrong tonight!

At the behest of all the commotion, Zion plants a kiss on Meredith’s cheek.  Gathering all their belongings in a mad dash, Zion attempts to dart toward their rental car.

In one instant, a crashing noise echoes through the background.  Zion leaps into the air as he’s fidgeting through his pockets for his keys.  His eyes narrow in frustration trying to shake this unnerving feeling forming.  His stomach churns, goosebumps stand, and his hands shake as he continues on.  As he takes a deep breath…

Meredith:  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Red lights flicker in a frantic fashion throughout the entire parking garage.  A sweeping gaggle of hooded figures swarm towards the dynamic duo of HOW. 

Their prime target:  Darin Zion!

Smashing their fists into his guts like a cyclone of fury; Zion tries fending off the threat of these people. His fists make a valiant fight against this flock of delinquents.  While Zion makes a brave stance, they overwhelm the exhausted leader of #RallyZion.  He falls to the ground, completely unconscious.  Meredith lets out a blood curdling scream at the top of her lungs.


Unfortunately, it’s too late for her.   The throng of bards begin their onslaught against her, bringing her to her knees. Binding her up in zip ties; she’s restricted in place.  As she tries speaking up, a black glove nails her across the face causing her to spit up blood.  Her eyes burn with vengeance as a figure emerges from the shadows at a methodical pace.

It’s Xander Azula!!!!

A wicked smile curls around his venerable face. While he cackles with uncontrolled vitriol, Meredith makes one final attempt at escaping.  Regrettably for her, Xander grabs a pressure point on her neck and knocks her out.    Xander and the followers of the Eternal Circle scoop Meredith’s comatose body up.  As they drag her off, Xander stares towards the camera and snaps his fingers as the feed ominously cuts out.

Darin Zion will be appearing on this week’s Refueled.  What will his response be to Xander’s attack?  Tune into Refueled LXXVI on HOTv this Saturday night for more details.