And Now a Word From Our Sponsor
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And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

The Founding Chairman and Great Guy of Reesemart would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Brian Hollywood on his well-earned victory against him a couple of weeks ago on Refueled LXXV. May his reign as the HOTv Champion be long and fruitfu…oh wait, he already lost it? And to the fucking guy who looks like a living, breathing sequel to Cape Fear?

You know what, it doesn’t really matter. Most importantly, Christmas Quarterman Toddler Reese would like to take the time out to let you know about a LIMITED TIME OFFER for this week only! Since most of the High Octane roster will at some point be an actual convict (if not already), your favorite deathmatch retailer is selling custom-fit REESEMART AT THE ROCK Jumpsuits for the low low price of $349.99! These classy duds are tailored to fit any body, no matter how many syringes full of the fun pump you’ve had in the last few days! Now, not only can you dress for the occasion of wrestling’s coolest gimmick event, you’ll have a permanent piece in your wardrobe for once the feds come barreling through your door at 3am thanks to a helpful tip! Make sure you place your order at the Online Reesemart Store found exclusively on Etsy soon, as this offer expires soon!

QT will be wearing one at his match at the Rumble, when he takes on 35 other fucking people for the chance to regain his HOTv Championship.

Have a great day. Not just a day.


We can confirm that QT Reese has used his sponsors exemption and is officially part of the Prison Yard Match at Rumble at the Rock and will be competing for the High Octane Television Championship.