Sunny O’Callahan to the world: “You’re Welcome”
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Sunny O’Callahan to the world: “You’re Welcome”

Controversial wrestling ‘manager’ Sunny O’Callahan gave an interview to one of the wrestling dirt sheets and here is some of what she had to say.

Regarding the ‘incident’ Saturday night in Cleveland where she struck Rah and Dawn McGill with a moving vehicle.
“Hey. I just bumped into her. It’s not my fault the washed up old lady (Dawn McGill) has brittle bones at her age.  I mean, broken arm, broken leg, broken ribs?  Really?  Personally, I think she’s just milking this for all the attention she can get.  As for Rah, he needs to get over himself and put on his big boy pants.  Rah should be on his knees thanking me because if it weren’t for me… Sunny O’Callahan… Rah doesn’t get the big match at March to Glory.  If it weren’t for me… Sunny O’Callahan… Rah doesn’t get the big match at Bottomline.  If it weren’t for me… Sunny O’Callahan.. Rah wouldn’t be in the position to have another big match at Rumble at the Rock.  You’re welcome, Rah.  You’re welcome.  Now get your head out of your ass, get away from Dawn McGill, and do what you need to do and say yes to a rematch against High Flyer.”

Regarding her catchphrase, “you’re welcome.”
“Speaking of that, I need to address something that happened two weeks ago.  You see, Jatt Starr apparently didn’t realize that I- Sunny O’Callahan- filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office last month for the catchphrase… you’re welcome, when he used my trademarked catchphrase two weeks ago during his rant on nerd boy Conor Fuse.  This is just a friendly reminder to everyone that for entertainment services, wrestling exhibitions, performances by a professional wrestler rendered live and through broadcast media including television and radio, and via the internet or commercial online service, I… Sunny O’Callahan…. have trademarked the term- “you’re welcome.”  

So Jatt, be a good boy and just slip me a royalty check for the use my catchphrase and I will consider the matter closed.  Oh and you’re welcome.”

Speaking of people who owe Sunny O’Callahan a thank you…
“Oh where to start.

Sutler Reynolds-Kael.  If it weren’t for me… Sunny O’Callahan… feeding Rah information I knew would piss him off, Sutler wouldn’t have got his big match at March to Glory that catapulted him into World Title consideration and eventually led to him winning the title.  So Sutler Reynolds-Kael, you’re welcome.

Darin Zion.  If it weren’t for me… Sunny O’Callahan… coming up with the idea for the Definitive Erasure, Darin wouldn’t have used that as a springboard to get not one, not two, but three title shots. The Definitive Erasure put Darin Zion back in business and he was booked at the Bottomline pay per view, all because of me… Sunny O’Callahan.  I singlehandedly restarted Darin Zion’s career.  I did that.  Darin Zion, you’re welcome.

High Flyer.   Jack Harmen.  If not for me, Sunny O’Callahan, High Flyer wouldn’t have wrestled John Sektor last week for the LSD title.  Sunny O’Callahan made that happen.  If not for me… Sunny O’Callahan… singlehandedly making High Flyer relevant once again in HOW where would he be- still the bad punchline in a Lee Best joke.  He’d still be great everywhere except at HOW.   Now, because of me… Sunny O’Callahan… as long as Rah plays along and does the right thing, Harmen will get him a match at Rumble at the Rock.   High Flyer, you’re welcome.

The HOW fans.  The HOW fans are all welcome because of my brilliance, because Sunny O’Callahan is the best manager and the greatest wrestling mind ever in pro wrestling history, and because Sunny O’Callahan makes things happen, because Sunny O’Callahan is the one who consistently delivers memorable HOW moments.  All of you out there all have me… Sunny O’Callahan… to thank because I make it happen. To each and every one of you out there, you’re welcome.“

Saturday Night at Refueled 75
“I will be in the barren wasteland, the giant sandbox, the armpit known as Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday night and I expect Rah to pry himself away from the broken down old lady Dawn McGill and be there to give me the answer that you fans deserve and more importantly, the answer that I… Sunny O’Callahan… deserve, about Rumble at the Rock.  After all the work, the time and effort that I… Sunny O’Callahan… have done to make this happen, I expect Rah to come out and do the right thing for business by agreeing to a rematch with High Flyer.  And when that happens, HOW fans, I’ll just have two words for you…

You’re welcome.”