#RATR21 News….
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#RATR21 News….

Some big news coming out of Refueled 72 as some matches were made official, unknowingly at Bottomline, when Mike Best signed the Bottomline contract.

It was revealed on Refueled (we still do not know by whom) that the following matches will be taking place:

  • Michael Lee Best will jump to the front of the line and get the World Championship opportunity at the Rumble at the Rock PPV
  • John Sektor will defend the LSD Championship in an Iron Man Match…..a match more accustomed to the ICON Championship.
  • Clay Byrd will take on Jace Parker Davidson with the HOTv Championship on the line potentially.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins match at RATR, featuring final Best Alliance member Steve Solex, will see the winner of said match move into a World Championship match during the ICONIC PPV Period

Finally, we found out that original Best Alliance member Jatt Starr, will get his first singles World Championship match since May 13th 2010.

Congrats to all the final Best Alliance members.