Official Statement from the Eternal Circle
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Official Statement from the Eternal Circle

The news coming out of Refueled LXXII has had a ripple effect upon those within HOW…including the Eternal Circle, whose head disciple Xander Azula has released the following statement as he continues to recuperate from injuries–and embarrassment–suffered at Bottomline:

“It’s come to my attention that the Best Alliance is no more, and to that I say…good riddance.

In a way, this means the Grapplers Local 214 won the war after all…but there is no grand celebration in store.

Not when most of them have made their departure, choosing to run instead of finishing the fight.

You hate to see it…but not me.

As I sit here contemplating my next steps, I offer some form of relief to those affected by tonight’s news.

Whether you were in the Alliance or affected by the ramifications of their dissolution, you do not have to settle for loneliness. You do not have to settle for injustice.

There are allies to be found within our open embrace.

There is always room in the Eternal Circle.

Praise Eris, Praise Discordia.”