Rah-High Flyer Update
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Rah-High Flyer Update

Blaire Moise reports that sometime after the show ended, Rah finally got word mid-flight from Detroit to an unnamed Caribbean port that High Flyer stole his bus after their match last night at Refueled 70.  Apparently, Rah initially wasn’t overly concerned about the bus and was focused on rejoining his new wife Dawn McGill for their honeymoon.

However, when Rah was informed that his long cherished golden chair of solitude located at the back of bus was also missing, everything changed.

Blaire’s sources told her an incensed Rah personally called Lee Best first thing this morning and demanded a match against High Flyer at Bottomline.

Will Lee grant Rah’s request?  Tune in next week at Refueled 71.