Official Statement from Rah on the Eve of Bottomline
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Official Statement from Rah on the Eve of Bottomline

Mission Valley State Building
San Diego, California

It has come to the Sunshine God Rah’s attention that Sunny O’Callahan spoke to the dirt sheets earlier this week and proposes the following terms for the match tomorrow night at Bottomline between Rah and High Flyer:

-if High Flyer defeats Rah at Bottomline, Sunny gains her freedom from all legal ‘obligations’ set forth by the Camden County, Missouri court and no longer has to appear with Rah in his entourage.

-if Rah defeats High Flyer tomorrow, Sunny will appear at the next Refueled show and publicly apologize to Rah for everything that’s happened.

After consultation with the Sunshine God in my capacity as the Royal Consort to Rah, I am pleased to announce that Rah has accepted Sunny O’Callahan’s terms.

Thank you.

Dawn McGill
Official Royal Consort to Rah, The Sunshine God and the Champion of the World