HR confirms Conor Curse
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HR confirms Conor Curse


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois


Following Sutler Reynolds-Kael’s crushing defeat of challenger Darin Zion, a former World Champion, an investigation was opened into the death kiss that is Conor Fuse’s support. From tacit support to Clay Byrd to his open alliances with Teddy Palmer and Darin Zion, Fuse has proven incapable of picking a winner.

Or, as our investigation suggests, is Conor Fuse actively poisoning those who could potentially ruin his World Title opportunity? A greedy and selfish individual, Conor Fuse displays the signs of sociopathic behavior with an obsession with the President of Human Resources. He’s a real creeper so why wouldn’t be betray his friends, right?

“No, Conor’s not cursed, he just picks shitty friends. He is obsessed with me though, he just can’t accept that I beat his ass at War Games but that’s fine. At Bottomline it’ll be his Final Fantasy as I Super Smash his hokey ass. I don’t have a Halo so I won’t mind ending his Half-Life in the center of the ring.” – Sutler Reynolds-Kael, HOW World Champion, War Games 2021 Winner, World’s Greatest Master, Punny Guy

HR can confirm, after finishing our investigation, that Conor Fuse isn’t cursed, just dumb with a soft spot for losers.

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………… High Octane Wrestling’s Number One Ranked Wrestler, We forgot that one.