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Words from The King

With the next Refueled right around the corner we caught up with The King of Everything Jace Parker Davidson and asked him about a few things heading into the show.

The first thing we asked him about was his budding feud with HOW newcomer Eli Dresden and the rumors of sexual tension between the two of them.

”Eli is a loud mouthed little half pint that just can’t get over the fact that I’m superior to her. Ever since our match a few weeks ago she just doesn’t know when to bow down and pay proper respect to The King.”

”As far as sexual tension goes I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a thing for me. It would certainly explain why she is using Madison to get closer to me. I’ve dealt with groupies before and Eli will be no different.”

”Now if she thinks that knee to the groin is just gonna slide by she has another thing coming. She has a chance to get her first win against some Canadian but if she isn’t careful I just might get her before her match, during her match, or even after it in the parking lot.”

We switched focus from Eli Dresden to the fact that HOFC 2 already has a match booked when Michael Lee Best signed JPD to take on a drunk Darin Zion inside of the cage.

”First of all I want to say that this is complete and utter bullshit. Everyone wants to talk about how HOFC is this great thing but honestly it just isn’t. Just because Mike Best wants to be a ‘prizefighter’ an only show up once and a while doesn’t mean the rest of us want to go that route.”

”I am a Professional Wrestler. It’s what I was trained to do and what I worked my ass off to come back and do after being on the shelf for five years. If I wanted to fight a drunken idiot inside of a cage once every six weeks I’d have signed up for the UFC. You see what happens to those guys? I’m not going to swing a punch and snap my leg in half just for shits and giggles.”

”That’s why right here right now I’m announcing that I will NOT be facing Zion in the cage. Sure, Mike has the power to sign the match even though I NEVER signed up for such a thing. Yet I found a loophole. Since we’re doing fight camps I have found a replacement in my camp. So at HOFC 2, Zion will be taking on Madison in her first ever match.”

”I’ve faced and beaten Zion so many things the simple thought of stepping in a cage with that moron sickens me. Zion might have beaten me in the three on one handicapped match but he hasn’t earned the right to face me again. I might be a Champion soon so I have better things to worry about. Madison’s training begins immediately and we’ll see if a drunken Zion will know what to do one on one with a women inside of a cage.”

Finally we brought up the match scheduled for next week where JPD will be taking on fellow Best Alliance member Steve Solex for the HOTv Championship belt.

”Clearly since War Games Steve Solex has been on a hot streak and I’ve been moving up in the standings so the match makes sense but it’s not that simple. It’s a fact that the members of The Best Alliance aren’t exactly a family or even best friends.”

”Going into a match with Solex and beating him for the first ever title he’s won in HOW might cause some unnecessary friction within The Best Alliance. Not to mention the fact that being the HOTv Champion is a big responsibility. Being booked each and every single week having to defend the belt against any and all comers.”

”I’m going to take some time and really weigh my options here. A Steve Solex on a hot streak and a Champion is good for The Best Alliance. What’s good for The Best Alliance is good for HOW. Either way the belt is going to stay within The Alliance just like with the LSD title. I guess we’ll find out what I value more, my own personal gain or my loyalty to a fellow member of The Alliance.”