Who IS Adam Ellis?
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Who IS Adam Ellis?

With HOFC 1 just around the corner, we thought we would reach out to John Sektor to find out who Adam Ellis is and what role he is playing with this newcomer. He had this to say:

“Adam is a 21 year old rookie. In a nutshell. He’s currently being seasoned down at MVW, which is where I found him. I’m on the lookout for a new student to mentor who could potentially one day become my successor. I don’t know if this guy is it? But I must have seen something in him to stick my neck out like this.”


When asked about what to expect from him in the Octagon this weekend Sektor had this to say:

“Who knows? It will be a great experience for him, that’s for sure. He’s showing promise in MVW and just last weekend picked up a win in a dark match so he’s looking sharp. This will be his first televised gig so he’ll be nervous but, as I said, a great learning experience for him. Do I expect him to win? Normally, under the circumstances, I would say no. However this could be a very short relationship for he and I because he loses to a guy called ‘Wabbid Wabbit?’ Yeah, I don’t see how we can recover from that. Especially when you consider that he is an affiliate of Jatt’s. Another fucking sideshow that I’m confident Ellis will quickly squash. But we shall see.”

Tune in on July 10th for HOFC 1 where you can see Adam Ellis vs Wabbid Wabbit live a long with a host of other matches.