Rah Seen at Jimmy Buffett Concert Tonight
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Rah Seen at Jimmy Buffett Concert Tonight

For the first time in several weeks, there was a Rah sighting in public as the Sunshine God and his entourage were spotted tonight at a Jimmy Buffett show at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rah mixed and mingled with the Parrotheads the entire show.  The ex-Arizona State University sorority sisters were all dressed up in Hawaiian flowery dresses, Hawaiian leis, inflatable sharks as headgear, and some even sported pirate patches in one eye and a stuffed toy parrot on their shoulder.  The girls danced to the music drinking boat drinks of all kinds and had a grand ol’ time taking selfies of themselves and the other Parrotheads with their cell phones.  Barbie-Q also was on hand in multi-colored t-shirt that had ‘Barbie-Q’ written out on it.  She wore a Hawaiian lei as well and could be seen with a Mai Tai drink in her hand most of the night.

After the show, Rah is reportedly heading south.  Does this signal the imminent return of the Sunshine God to HOW?

Stay tuned.