HR confirms cowboy gimmick sucks
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HR confirms cowboy gimmick sucks


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois


After an in depth research poll involving over twelve individuals it has been confirmed that Clay Byrd’s personality and gimmick, that of a Texas sized cowboy with a college degree to be distinctly unlikable. His flat, disinteresting personality and stupid accent have rendered him little more than a mid level talent. Like the likes of Dan Ryan and Eric Dane, Clay Byrd follows in the tradition of shitty Texans in HOW getting their ass kicked by smaller opponents.

“I reached out my hand in friendship and Clay spat in my mouth. Then he tried to turn the tables on me with a deal in the least creative way possible and he still thinks he’s got a chance at my title? He can go fuck himself.” – Sutler Reynolds-Kael, the Monster Slayer, War Games 2021 Winner, Son of Scions, Worlds Greatest Gamer and the High Octane Wrestling World Champion

The President of Human Resources and World Champion will be facing Clay Byrd at Refueled for the High Octane World Championship as per the orders of Lee Best.

….eventually Clay Byrd will drop his second promo, it’s not like he’s had all week. Definitely worth of a World Title.