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Exit Interview

HOW’s intrepid backstage interviewer Blaire Moise caught up with Ray McAvay earlier today just outside of Darin Zion’s mansion at the Lake of the Ozarks.  The former HOW World Champion was at Zion’s compound to take part of what is being termed a ‘theatrical match’ as Zion has his big showdown against ‘Defective’ Marty Pratt.

Blaire talked with McAvay about his recent HOW run that ended at War Games, his impression of HOW now and then when he was champion, and rookie Adam Ellis who’s set to make his HOW debut Saturday night at HOFC 1.

Wait.  Darin Zion has a mansion?
Yeah, I thought the same thing.  This place is bigger than my house.

So, tell us about the War Games match.  Were you disappointed in where you finished?
I was disappointed that Grappler’s Local 214 didn’t win the match.  I was very happy with how I did. I did much better than I thought I would.

Did you think you could win?
*pfffffft*  After being out of the ring for two years?  No.  I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.  Got payback on Jace Parker Davidson for the whole fire incident and had a deep run in the match.

But there was a couple moments where you looked like the McAvay of old.
Sure.  I remember the time when Dawn McGill had her final big match at Boardwalk in the Women’s Battle Royale in 2015.  There was a two, three-minute stretch in the match where she turned back the clock and looked like the McGill of old.  The same thing happened to me during War Games.  There were a couple moments where I felt I’d been transported back in time to 2015-2016.  But it wasn’t meant to be.

Should Teddy Palmer have made the save when John Sektor had you in the Sektor Stretch?
Teddy Palmer is not the reason I got eliminated.  Sektor showed that he still is a damn good wrestler.  No excuses.

How different is HOW now compared to when you won the title in 2016?
Big difference.  The talent level now is just stupid good compared to where we were in 2016.  But in many ways, 2016 was my favorite HOW Era.

Why is that?
Was it the best era of HOW?  No.  Was HOW depleted and coming to an end?  Yes.   Had most of the longtime mainstays long since departed?  Yes.  But someone had to step up when people left the company and that’s exactly what we did.  The rise of the Les Miserables.  Feuding with Brian Hollywood.  Things that might not have happened for me in different circumstances.  So when I hear people put down that particular time period in HOW history I just roll my eyes.  I’m very proud to have been a part of HOW during that time and what we did.

One of your younger wrestlers at Missouri Valley Wrestling will be competing this weekend on HOFC 1. 
Yes.  Adam Ellis.

How did that happen?
Adam Ellis had been working with Joe Bergman for a little over a year and he’s about to be promoted to our main roster.   John Sektor came to one of our shows to scout out some of our younger talent and Adam caught John’s eye.  Long story short, Sektor is going to mentor him going forward and I’m very happy for Adam.  Good young kid and I hope he does well on a bigger stage Saturday night.

Any regrets?  And will we see Ray McAvay back in the ring ever again?
I wish GL 214 would have won but no, I have no regrets.  As for me ever wrestling again, I wouldn’t bet the house on it happening.