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Best Western Plus Hotel & Suites Airport South
Atlanta, Georgia
After the Show

It’s been a long night.  Rah once again brought his A-game to the ring and fought one hell of a war with Jace Parker Davidson at Refueled 68.  Unfortunately, he came up just short again, losing out in his bid to win his first official HOW title.

That didn’t stop The Sunshine God from going back to Section ‘214’ after the match.  Rah hung out with the fans for a while before leaving the arena with his entourage and return to the hotel on the south side of Atlanta near the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

After saying good night to his entourage, the HOTv camera followed the sore and very tired Rah walking slowly down the hallway back to his hotel room.

He puts the keycard in the door.

The door opens and he walks in.

Rah’s eyes widen as he sees just who’s waiting for him.

Dawn McGill: Hello Rah.

Dawn’s hair is all teased up.  Her face is caked in makeup and she has plenty of red lipstick on.

The bedazzling blonde wears a black overcoat that falls just below her knees.  Her toes, sticking out from a sexy pair of heels with crossing straps on the top of her foot, have a new coat of bright red polish on them.

Rah: Hey.

Dawn bites her lip and twirls a lock of hair.

Dawn McGill (sexy, near childish tone): Did you bring the title back with you?

Rah just stares back at her.

Rah: Is this is a trick question?

She rolls her eyes and asks again.

Dawn McGill: Did you bring the title back with you?

Rah: Oh.

Sheepishly, Rah shakes his head no.

Rah: No.  No Rah did not.

Dawn McGill: Really?  Then what’s that over your shoulder?

Rah glances at his homemade ‘Champion of the World’ title belt he had made back in January after his close loss to Michael Lee Best for the HOW World Title.

Rah: Um…

Rah’s not sure how to react or how to respond.

Rah: …a title belt?

Dawn McGill: Close enough.

She undoes the belt on the overcoat.

Dawn McGill: I wore this just for you.

She lets the coat slide down off her shoulders, down her arms, dropping to the floor revealing the skimpiest of cheerleader uniforms. Her chest is barely held in by a sheer black top with the letter R on the left breast, A in the middle, and H on the right.  She’s wearing a very short black mini-skirt.  In her hands are red and black pom-poms.

Rah’s jaw drops.

NOTE: If the outfit looks familiar- especially to real old school HOW-types- it should.  It’s basically the same outfit that Christopher America made Carmen Jennings wear for him back in 2012.

Dawn McGill: Does it meet with your satisfaction?

Rah tries to process what’s exactly happening here keeping Dawn waiting for his response.


Dawn McGill: Do you like the outfit?

He nods yes.

Rah: Uh… yeah.

Dawn McGill: Good.

She turns around and backs into Rah’s body and raises both arms in the air behind his neck.  Dawn clasps her hands above Rah’s head and throws her head back on his shoulder with her mouth open, eyes closed, and arching her back.

Dawn McGill (whispers): You should tell the camera guy to leave now.

Rah continues to be a few seconds behind on the down low of what’s happening to him.

Rah: Huh?

Dawn lifts her head up and speaks to the camera man.

Dawn McGill: Get out!

The HOTv camera man takes the obvious hint and slowly backs out of the room.  The last shot we see is the hotel room closing.