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From the depths of the HOW offices here in Chicago the monkeys in the basement have been hard at work compiling all the finances for the company as another PPV period begins to wrap up.

Some high level numbers for everyone to digest:

  • For the 21 Refueled shows this year we have seen tickets sold at a 96.54% towards full capacity.  These shows have brought in $7.7 million dollars for the company
  • There have been 10 shows at The Best Arena which 95.5% of the possible tickets have been sold, earning $3.9 million.
  • The two PPV’s so far, March to Glory and War Games, both sold out and earned the company an additional $2.2 million dollars
  • The ONLY show to lose the company money was Refueled LXIII. This event took place on the USS Octane and cost the company $244,646. The USS Octane was soon “Retired” after this show.
  • Highest grossing show so far has been War Games which sold out the Tokyo Dome and earned the company $1.6 million dollars.

More information to come throughout the day. There is talk of more roster moves to come which obviously will directly affect the Bottomline.