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Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois

June 4th, 2021


A brief reminder from Human Resources to Clay Byrd, you have less than 10 hours to answer the President of Human Resources, Sutler Reynolds-Kael. Tick keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking. Into the future. After getting your arm nearly destroyed by Cecilworth Farthington your chances are better at the side of the World Champion than in his way.

Of course if you do decide to go forward with it know that this offer is closed forever. Your probably thinking of some witty, clever retort or maybe your getting that blonde hair braided to show you mean business? It won’t work. Become be a henchman for someone who actually cares about you. Join Human Resources today!

Or don’t. The President of Human Resources is more than happy to beat your dumb Texas ass like just as he did Dan Ryan.

“Could you imagine turning me down? I mean, you could ask Conor Fuse, the best he can do is lose at War Games and cut sad promos on HOFC shows after I whooped him.” – Sutler Reynolds-Kael, President of Human Resources, Son of Scions, World’s Greatest Gamer, 2021 War Games Winner and High Octane Wrestling World Champion.

Thank you!




…..Did we mention Sutler pinned Conor Fuse to win War Games?