the sutler memoe: le-sigh.. darin zion edition
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the sutler memoe: le-sigh.. darin zion edition

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chicago, illinoisy


i cant believe i’m doing this. darin zion is in the 2021 war games match, the exact same one i am debuting in. i wonder if grandpa takes him out back of the arena every week wth full intentions of puttin ol’mild money matthews out of his misery but those beady, pleady lil get the better of him.

fuk it, god damn coward. i’ll put you down, zion. i don’t care that i just finished vol. 492 of zion and friends, a 2021 war games story. fuck you darin. im not editting any of this. this is what you get.

the year wasn’t the suggested runtime.

thats 2021 minutes i’m never getting back

die in a fire,






..yo tell meredith what’s up 4 me though.