The King is Dead, Long Live The King
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The King is Dead, Long Live The King


Best Arena Champion’s Suite

Chicago, Illinois


War Games 2021 is in the books and as the dust settles we have a new High Octane Wrestling World Champion.

Just 8 short months after his official debut Sutler Reynolds-Kael, 2nd Generation Wrestler and adopted son of a late High Octane Wrestling Hall of Famer, has conquered War Games and become the World Champion.

In achieving this miraculous feat Sutler has become both the Youngest High Octane Wrestling Champion at 19 years old as well as earning the coveted championship less than a year into his professional career. The Son of Scions biological father, Shane Reynolds, made a surprising return at War Games attacking his estranged son. Despite this interference, as well as a two on one disadvantage, the President of Human Resources proved victorious!

“Jiles was great, like when somebody warms the toilet seat up for you. Now the real King is on the throne and I don’t intend to go anywhere anytime soon. It’s about time we had a World Champion with a winning record again.” World Champion Sutler Reynolds-Kael remarked following War Games. “Also I should have expected Jatt and Sektor to fail in stopping Conor. Thankfully I’m God damned good enough to carry the entire victory on my back.”

The new World Champion reaffirmed he was not a member of the Best Alliance which was filled with mostly sad, desperate old men his Grandpa was good at manipulating.

The World Champion also wanted to assure people more edicts would be handed down from on high to his new subjects.





….never mind about meredith, zion, i’m a world champion, i can do better than a losers paid escort. kthxbai.