New Talent Signing…
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New Talent Signing…

It has been confirmed that, in the wake of War Games, Lee Best has finished contract negotiations with a new talent that is expected to make their debut in the near future.

Eli Dresden is a rumored Olympics-level gymnast who has taken their considerable dexterity, speed, and agility, transitioning from the floor exercise mats and uneven bars into a smash-mouth aerial style that impressed Lee in their personal tryout.  When asked for comment about the new signing, the God of HOW had the following to say.

“Changes are a coming to the roster and DILLIGAF will be the mentality as we head to the Bottomline PPV. Some folks will leave on their own…others will leave when I tell them to over the next week…….BUT there will be changes. That is the Best Bet of the week…..”

With that, we here at HOW look forward to seeing what this new talent is capable of.