New Signing…
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New Signing…

News out of the office today is that the promotion has come to terms with veteran grappler Mitchell Quinlan.

The 33 year old Quinlan is just the latest signing as the HOW roster continues to rebuild in the wake of post War Games releases and injuries. When asked how he’d fair amongst the competitive HOW roster, the globe-travelled journeyman had this to say:

“It’s not all that different, honestly. I’ve been in tough locker rooms like this: Guys walking around with their dicks out, stroking their egos so hard someone’s liable to lose an eye.”
A curious choice of words, we look forward to seeing what the one time “Saint” brings as HOW ramps up en route to Bottomline.

We reached out to Lee for a comment and he had this to say:

” Since the inception of High Octane Wrestling we have seen roster turnover after PPV’s…..this is just part of that process as I look to finalize the roster before Saturday.  The days of walking on eggshells are over. The gloves are off. These mental midgets will no longer be able to stomach working for me. Let’s see if Mitch can hang.”