Live from Rockford….
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Live from Rockford….

HOTv Title Match
Live from the Harris Bank Center in Rockford, Illinois

After taking a sweep around the arena and showing the sellout crowd on hand tonight in Rockford, Illinois, everyone on their feet and buzzing with anticipation, the HOTv camera pans to and zooms in on the Missouri Valley Wrestling ring announcer who’s just stepped into the ring. 

If the woman standing in the middle of the ring looks a little familiar to High Octane Wrestling fans, it’s because Kimber Marshall used to be a ring announcer for HOW back in the early 2010’s.

Kimber Marshall: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!  Our special attraction main event tonight will be…

All seventy-five hundred people in the arena shout out in unison: “ONE FALL!”

Kimber Marshall: …and it is for the HIGH OCTANE TELEVISION TITLE!  

The mid-tempo backing drone and accompanying piano and outlaw Nashville guitar licks begin to kick up.  The voice of Ben Nichols pierces through the melody as “Everything Has Changed” by Lucero blares over the sound system, and the vocal queue signals the entrance of Zeb Martin. 

The Watson Mill Kid steps out to greet everyone with the bill of a Snickers Racing hat worn low to shield his eyes, the hat that his late grandfather wore.

Kimber Marshall: Introducing first, from Comer, Georgia and representing Grappler’s Local 2-1-4.  Weighing in tonight at 258 pounds…’The Watson Mill Kid’ ZEB!  MARRRRRRR-TIN! 

A friendly grin on his face, he makes his way down to the ring while making sure to outstretch his arm for some old-school hand slapping. 

Upon arrival, Zeb climbs the apron and wipes his boots before ducking underneath the top rope, then gives a friendly nod to his corner audience before patiently waiting for the match to begin.

Music change…

“Natural Born Killaz” by NWA now thumps from the sound system as the crowd explodes into a fury of boos and hisses.  A montage of Steve Solex plays on the video screen, flashing on and off in rhythm with the music and a bomb-like explosion blasts at the top of the entry way sending a plume of smoke up and in front of the HOV in the shape of a mushroom cloud, and at that moment the music returns and Steve Solex makes his way out from behind the curtain.  

Kimber Marshall: Introducing next, from Huntington Beach, California and representing the Best Alliance.  He weighs in tonight at two hundred and fifty-two pounds.  STEVE!  SOOOOOOO-LEX!

The montage continues to play on the HOV as Solex, broken nose from War Games bandaged up, stops atop the entrance ramp and pounds his chest twice with a white knuckled fist before throwing his hands high up into the air.  He soaks in the boos from the crowd before marching down to the ring.  No glitz, no high fives, just a fast-paced march and the look of cold-blooded killer.  He slides under the bottom rope and stares down the referee before finding his corner and resting back into it.

Cut another music change…

“Happy Song” by Bring Me The Horizon blasts over the PA System as Darin Zion, who is wearing a black leather jacket, comes down to the ring accompanied by Meredith.

Kimber Marshall:  And introducing the final contestant tonight, hailing from The Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.  Tonight, he weighs in 220 pounds and he, too, represents Grappler’s Local 2-1-4!. Please welcome: DAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRIN ZIIIIIII-ON!!!!! 

As Zion heads down the ramp he slaps hands with the fans.  Zion climbs the turnbuckle and sticks his hands out as we reach the chorus of the song.  He flips off the turnbuckle pad and hands the referee his jacket.    Zion shakes his head, mentally preparing for his upcoming match.

HOTv then cuts to the Hall of Fame announce team who’ve just taken their seats at the broadcast table at ringside. A bottle of Jack Daniels has been left for Benny Newell on top of the table.

Joe Hoffman: Hello HOW fans and welcome to this special HOW presentation tonight live from a sold-out Harris Bank Arena in Rockford, Illinois.  With me as always is ‘Big Buff’ Benny Newell.

Benny Newell: God, this place is a fucking dump.  What the fuck am I in Rockford fucking Illinois on a fucking Saturday night?

Joe Hoffman: Benny, the reason we are here tonight is because of the special match that was just booked this week by Lee Best to determine who will become the first HOTv Television Champion.  

Benny Newell: But why…here?

Joe Hoffman: Because when word got out that Lee was creating the HOTv Television title and the first champion was going to be crowned in a dark match Saturday night, Lee then received a phone call from MVW’s Chief Business Officer Laura Bergman.  Apparently, Ms. Bergman offered to host the match at their house show tonight and Lee took her up on the offer.  That’s why we are here tonight.    

Solex makes sure the bandage covering his broken nose is where it’s supposed to be.  

Zeb Martin warms up. 

Darin Zion confers with Meredith one last time.  

Benny Newell: Fuck it.  It doesn’t matter where we’re at. Broken nose or no broken nose, I promise you this much.  Steve Solex will go to hell and back if he has to in order to bring this title back to the Best Alliance. 

Joe Hoffman: We’ll have to see about that, Benny.  Darin Zion is coming off an impressive run at War Games nearly two weeks ago.  He pinned Steve Solex in the match and you can bet Solex hasn’t forgotten that.  Solex showed up at War Games with war paint, a mace, and evil intentions.  He had a good War Games match and eliminated Xander Azula.  Zeb Martin exacted payback on the former HOW World Champion, and ex-Egg Bandit, Cancer Jiles during the match.  Even though Zeb’s wrestling with a heavy heart due to the recent loss of his beloved Paw-Paw, I could see him or any of these three wrestling tonight coming away with the title. 

Benny Newell: The Best Alliance showed at War Games that you do not fuck with the Best Alliance.  Tonight Steve Solex is going to show that you do not fuck with the best Dad in the whole fucking world, a war hero, one hell of a great American, and one hell of a great man.  Tonight Steve Solex brings the HOTv title to the Best Alliance.

Joe Hoffman: HOW referee Matt Boettcher is here and will be officiating this HOTv title match. 

Boettcher is in the ring doing the pre-match check of the wrestlers. 

Joe Hoffman: The first pinfall or submission wins the HOTv Title!

Boettcher calls for the bell.


Solex shoots out of his corner and veers right for Zion.  There’s a collision.

Joe Hoffman: Steve Solex just lowered his shoulder and bulldozed through Darin Zion!  

Solex pushes Zion out of the ring to the floor.  

Benny Newell: YEAH!  LET’S GO!

A discombobulated Zion staggers around the ring with Solex hot on his heels.  Zion somehow manages to get back into the ring.  Solex follows but runs right into the arm of Zeb Martin.

Joe Hoffman: Zeb Martin met the Dad Soldier with a clothesline and sends him back over the top rope to the floor. 

Benny Newell: They’re cheating!

Zion and Martin glance at each other.  And wait… 

…and wait…

Joe Hoffman: Well, they are both from Grappler’s Local 214.  But now they’re opponents with the HOTv title on the line.  

…they smile…

Joe Hoffman: Who’s going to throw the first punch?

…Zion turns away- then swings around for a Ban Hammer.  

Benny Newell: I could have called that one. 

Joe Hoffman: The Ban Hammer misses.

Zeb ducks under Zion’s arm and explodes up from a crouch to launch Zion over the top rope with a clothesline to the floor.  

Joe Hoffman: Zeb Martin with an excellent counter and now Solex and Zion are both on the floor.

Solex is back to his feet.  He snarls and drags Zion up.  Solex tries to reel him in for a German Suplex.   Zion slips out.  He fires off kicks.  Solex stays at bay.  Zion shoots the leg.  Solex blocks and uses his boots to stomp Zion to the floor.  

Joe Hoffman: Hold on.  Zeb’s on the top turnbuckle.

Benny Newell: NO! WAIT.  STEVE, WATCH OUT!

Zeb launches himself towards Solex and drives his fists down on Solex’s skull with a top rope double ax-handle. 

Joe Hoffman: Zeb Martin leaps from the top rope and takes down Solex.  All three men are now on the outside.

Martin pulls Solex back up to his feet.  Solex shoves Zeb back.  He fires off a series of strikes that backs Martin to the ring steps.  Solex turns to Zion and boots him in the gut.  Solex then knees Zion and sends him back to the floor.  He whirls around and clocks Martin again. Solex then lifts Zion up into the gutwrench position and turns it into a powerbomb on the floor.

Joe Hoffman: That was a nasty gutwrench powerbomb by Steve Solex there.    

Benny Newell: Solex is going to fucking destroy Zion for taking him out at War Games.

Joe Hoffman: Matt Boettcher starts a ten count on all three men.

Solex is all over Zion with elbows and right hands.  Martin gets a waistlock on Solex from behind.  Solex sends a couple elbows back and blocks a belly to back suplex.  Zeb with an armbar.  Solex rolls but Martin hammerlocks and slams him into the ring post.  

Joe Hoffman: That nose is busted open again! 


Zeb dives under the bottom rope to break the ten count. He runs the ropes and goes for a baseball slide.  Solex ducks at last possible second and Zeb’s foot misses the target.  

Benny Newell: NOW WE GO!  

Blood streaming from his nose, he pulls Zeb out to the floor and whips him into the rail shoulder-first.  

Joe Hoffman: Zeb Martin hit that barricade at full speed. 

Benny Newell: Steve Solex ain’t fucking around tonight Joe.

Joe Hoffman: No he’s not.  He’s got that look in his eyes. 

Solex hauls Zion back to his feet and slings him back into the ring.  Solex rolls back under the bottom rope and jumps to his feet- he’s greeted with a right from Zion.  Armbar now to Solex.  Zion switches it up by going after the legs.  Double leg takedown.  Zion lands kicks and follows with an elbow drop.  Zion with another elbow drop- Solex rolls away and he takes control with a modified Camel Clutch. 

Joe Hoffman: Solex is putting all his weight onto Zion’s back.

Zion grimaces in pain.  Solex tightens the hold.  He doesn’t see Zeb Martin back in the ring.  Zeb rakes his fingers across Solex’s eyes.  That breaks the hold. 

Benny Newell: This is bullshit.  They’re cheating again!  It’s one against two. 

Joe Hoffman: Solex could have submitted Zion right there if Zeb wouldn’t have broken the hold. 

Solex fights back with right hands and drives Martin into the corner.  He wrenches Zeb’s arm back into a hammerlock. Martin resorts to kicks in order to get out.  

Benny Newell: Break his arm!

An aggressive arm wringer takes Martin back to the mat.  Solex hits a knee drop to the arm and covers. 


TW- Zeb kicks out.  

Zion back at it with a forearm shot from behind.  Solex hits a back elbow.   Zion avoids the second back elbow.  Waistlock into a fallaway suplex sends Solex to the deck.  Zion covers.


TWO- Solex emphatically kicks out.

Now Zeb with a backslide roll up of Zion.  HE covers.


TWO- Solex makes the save.  

 All three men back to their feet.  The crowd rises to their feet. 

Joe Hoffman: Zion.  Solex.  Martin.  One of these three men will be the first HOTv champion.  

Benny Newell: Steve Solex has had to wrestle a fucking handicap match against the Grappler’s Local 214.  What he’s done here tonight is fucking heroic!

Zeb and Zion nod and then…


Benny Newell: What did I tell you?  What the fuck?

With Solex momentarily stunned, simultaneously Zion spins around and takes out his legs while Zeb spins around and goes high with a spinning kick to the chest.  Solex gets cut down.  


Benny Newell: NO!  LEE-DAMMIT! 

With Solex down, both Zeb and Zion again exchange glances.  


Joe Hoffman: SNAP DDT!

…Zion spikes Zeb to the mat.  He then makes the cover on Solex.




Joe Hoffman: Steve Solex JUST kicked out. 

Benny Newell: Oh thank Lee! 

Joe Hoffman: Had Zion or Martin just covered Solex after the Total Elimination, they would have won the match!

Benny Newell: Bullshit.  Solex had this all under control.

Solex gets back to a seated position.  He doesn’t see Zion behind him, sizing him up… waiting for Solex to stand. 

Joe Hoffman: Zion’s waiting!  

Benny Newell: STEVE!  BEHIND YOU! 

Solex back to his feet.  He slowly turns.  Zion gets ready to unleash the Ban Hammer.  

There’s a scream.  Zion turns away from Solex.


Some guy dressed in what could charitably described as ‘in a rather odd-looking outfit’ and holding an oversized pencil in his hand that he’s just used to knock down Meredith, hovers over Zion’s downed manager and makes eye contact with Zion in the ring.  

Benny Newell: It’s definitely not one of Dan’s 233093209 daughters, that’s for sure.

Joe Hoffman: Darin did mention a couple days ago that there was someone who was stalking him in MVW.  Is it that guy? The one who attacked Meredith- with a pencil?

Benny Newell: You know what they say.  The pencil is mightier than the sword Hoffhole. 

Joe can only shake his head.

Benny Newell: DRINK!

With Zion focused on the guy as he hops back over the barricade and takes off up the aisle towards the exit, Solex rushes forward and with a mighty two hand shove sends his distracted opponent through the ropes to the floor. 

Joe Hoffman: Zion to the floor!

Benny Newell: YES!  YES!   

Joe Hoffman: The ‘stalker’ has completely changed the dynamic in this match.  A minute ago, Darin Zion was on the verge of winning the title.  Now he’s on the floor outside the ring and Steve Solex is lining Zeb Martin up in his sights.  

Benny Newell: DO IT! 

Zeb’s back to his feet.  He turns.  Solex boot to the gut.  He grabs Zeb’s leg.  Lift.  Zeb gets suplexed- Solex holds the bridge.

Joe Hoffman: SOLEXPLEX!

Benny Newell: YES!  FINISH HIM!  FINISH HIM!  

Solex hooks the legs.







Kimber Marshall rolls into the ring to make it all neat and official.

Kimber Marshall: Your winner at thirteen minutes, eighteen seconds, and NEW HOTv CHAMPION!  STEVE!  SOOOOOO-LEX!  

Blood still flowing from his nose, Solex rips the brand new HOTv belt from Matt Boettcher and hoists it into the air.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion had this match won but the unexpected attack on Meredith at ringside distracted him.  Steve Solex used it to his advantage to send Zion out of the ring and finished Zeb Martin with the Solexplex. 


An ecstatic Benny rears back and chugs down from his bottle of Jack Daniels.

Benny Newell: I take back everything I said about Rockford!   It’s still a fucking dump but…I LOVE ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS!   

Joe Hoffman: That’s going to do it from Rockford tonight.  Steve Solex has won the HOTv title, defeating Darin Zion and Zeb Martin in a three-way match.  Next week, we will be at the PPG Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as Refueled returns with a big five match show including two title matches.   Teddy Palmer of Grappler’s Local 214 puts the LSD title on the line against challenger John Sektor from the Best Alliance.  GL2-1-4’s Dan Ryan and Conor Fuse defend the Tag Team title against the Best Alliance’s Cancer Jiles and Steve Harrison.


Joe sighs.

Joe Hoffman: See you next week.