HR responds to Elder Community
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HR responds to Elder Community


Best Arena Champion’s Suite

Chicago, Illinois


Hello! We understand according to our latest data that Connor Fuse is a beloved fixture in the 65-85 demographic, otherwise known as the Sleepy Generation. Perhaps the video game cosplayer reminds the aging people of their grandchildren who never visit or his vibrant color schemes that keep the fog of dementia at bay, who knows? In either case we here at High Octane Wrestling are happy to have the input of our adoring fans.

” You’d have to wake up pretty early in the Dawnguard to make a good Point, Lookout here comes Connor Fuse! The Fallout from the last PPV is going to leave certain careers in Oblivion, there likely is going to be Bloodmoon. If you want to come at me though, like some kind of Rogue Warrior, I can promise you one thing; you’re going to be left Dishonored and on the Brink of Doom like the Prey you are. I’ll show you The Evil Within.” – Sutler Reynolds-Kael while staring at a list of Bethesda Softworks products.

The new High Octane World Champion and President of Human Resources, Sutler Reynolds-Kael, will be on hand to address his adoring fans at Refueled.







…and yes, his father was proud. Not that one, the other one.