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Best Arena Gaming Room A+B Human Resources Suite 214

Chicago, Illinois

As we all know War Games is a very difficult match and everyone is searching for that unique edge. Sutler certainly was not kidnapped by the Yakuza or murdered in a back alley for his Air Jordans, this isn’t L.A. after all. No, his disappearance is likely totally rational and shouldn’t have anyone panicked.

With the recent AWOL of Sutler Reynolds-Kael, I Conor Fuse will be taking over HR duties alongside my Elder Scrolls from the Dearness Living Center.

HR has issued an announcement effective this afternoon on the release of Sutler Reynolds-Kael.

“Since he’s vanished, he clearly won’t be showing up,” Head of HR Conor Fuse said three seconds ago.

What if he was eaten by a Shark though, guys? That happens a lot around here right? Okay we just checked the Shark Attack Database and there haven’t been any in like 100 years so we can rule out Shark Attacks.

“Who was that Sutler boy again?” Asked Dearness resident and HR Trainee Richard, age 95.

Because nothing is wrong, everybody! 

HR would also like to inform other HOW talent of their releases…

Jatt & John – release of bodily functions

Scotty – release from Rangers fanbase

Clay – release from War Games early, thanks to Ted

Jace – release of creative control (not sure what that means but we’ll go with it)

Solex – simply released

Jiles – release of World Championship 😉

Sutler, if you read this please call HOW because nothing is wrong and everything is cool!

We’d like to thank Sutler for his time with the company and obviously wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Thank you!