HR confirms contract negotiations.
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HR confirms contract negotiations.


Best Arena Champion’s Suite

Chicago, Illinois


Human Resources is releasing this statement on behalf of High Octane Wrestling World Champion, Sutler Reynolds-Kael, President of Human Resources and Omni-Official of High Octane Wrestling Standards and Practices.


“It is true that since becoming the YOUNGEST winner of War Games and World Champion my grandfather and owner of High Octane Wrestling, Lee Best, has reached out with a new contract offer. This lucrative deal would see my financial opportunities expand considerably however it would come with the customary obligations to the Best Alliance. This means that starting upon the signing of said contract the intellectual property, Sutler Reynolds-Kael, would become an Official Entity of the Best Alliance.

Not Best Alliance Adjacent or Best Alliance neutral, full membership including all those privileges’ and responsibilities.

I have as of yet signed the contract.

With the upcoming match determining who will face me for my #97Red World Championship being between nasal drip come to life, Conor Fuse and a man who managed to have a losing record but hold the World Title, “Cancer” Cold Jiles, I want to play a wait and see approach to what I decide.

It’s not that I don’t love my grandpa, honestly, I barely know the guy, but I’ve also seen what happens to people that try to ride high in the Best Alliance.

I remember a guy named Max Kael. Didn’t work out well. Not at all.

Rest assured, however, you will know my answer by next Sunday.



Sutler Reynolds-Kael

High Octane Wrestling World Champion

President of Human Resources

Omni-Official Of High Octane Wrestling Standards and Practices

World’s Greatest Gamer

War Games 2021 Winner

*Dictated but not read.