What Happened After Refueled XLI?
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What Happened After Refueled XLI?

After Refueled XLI aired on HOTV last night; HOWrestling.com received the following footage from the medics room in the T-Mobile arena after production wrapped up from last night’s show:

Hours after having his brains scrambled from Clay Byrd’s Texas Lariat; Darin Zion awakens to find an ice pack sitting on his forehead.  While he scrambles around frantically trying to figure out what happened; Meredith saunters into the picture trying to apply the ice pack to his forehead to calm him down.

Meredith:  It’s okay, Darin, it’s okay!  You suffered a concussion at the end of your match.  You didn’t die.  You just…

Meredith couldn’t bring herself to finish the words as she sees Zion’s face hanging low to the ground as if he knows the result already.  Quietly, he processes the information as Meredith continues to tend to his wounds.

Meredith:  It’s disappointing, but you ALMOST had him.  You stayed focused on the plan and made great strides compared to two weeks ago.  You…

Clearly Zion’s not amused!  Beaming a disgusted glare, Meredith sits there as he yanks the ice pack away from her hands and holds it against his throbbing forehead.  Meredith sighs as she tries to pat Zion on the back, but he pulls away.

Meredith:  I get it; it’s not the result you desired.  You want that win over the Best Alliance more than anything.  Let’s keep working towards it!  I’ve called University Medical Center down the road; we’ll get your concussion accessible and we’ll jump back into training in no time flat.

Immediately, Zion gets off the medical table and scowls at Meredith before responding.

Darin Zion:  NO!

While he walks out of the medics room trying to slam the door behind him, Meredith grabs the door and stops him from slamming it behind him.  She desperately calls out down the hallway calling for his attention to no avail.

Meredith:  DAAAARIN?   DAAAARIN?!  Come back here!  DARIN!!!

Frustration looms over Meredith’s face as the scene fades to black.