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War Games Teams

SOOOOOOOO because SOMONE (not going to say names but I will use initials: LT) decided to NOT make the right moral decision for her team of 8, I have been forced to increase the teams to nine wrestlers each.

So with that said, and because I am a good man, two folks got a wildcard spot into the match and now will be forced to prove me right in allowing them to get into the biggest match of the year.

First up….the losing team:

Team 11:59:

  • Lindsay Loose Lips Troy
  • Conor Wet Fuse
  • Teddy Redding Palmer
  • One of a Thousand Ray McAvay
  • Dan “Even Kostoff won the World Title” Ryan
  • Arthur “Makes No Sense on this team as he is not” Pleasant
  • Zeb “0 in Readability” Martin
  • Xander “HOW was he picked” Azula
  • Wild Card: Darin Fucking Zion

The Best Team:

  • World Champion Cancer Jiles
  • Future LSD Champion Clay Byrd
  • Retaining Tag Team Champion John Sektor
  • Retaining Tag Team Champion Jatt Starr
  • Hall of Famer Steve Solex
  • The Guy that got pinned by Zion in a 3 on 1 handicap match last week on Refueled
  • Steve Harrison
  • Sutler Kael
  • Wild Card: Scottywood (who will be putting his ownership and staffing stake on the line in this match. More details to come)

There ya go folks.

Fuck it.

Let’s Fucking Go.