McAvay Returns to TV
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McAvay Returns to TV

Last night’s MVW’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland saw Ray McAvay return to HOTv for the first time since he suffered minor burns from a nearly horrific incident a week ago at Refueled LXII involving Jace Parker Davidson.

Accompanied by his wife Stacee Perry, McAvay received a standing ovation from the folks in Grand Island, Nebraska and walked to the ring carrying a fire extinguisher, mockingly looked around to make sure no one was going to jump him, and did it all while the Bruce Springsteen song ‘I’m on Fire’ played over the public address system.

McAvay thanked everyone for the well-wishes and gave a shout out to HOW’s backstage crew for reacting quickly and minimizing his injuries.  He also told the fans the burns weren’t too bad and confirmed that he will be flying to Tokyo tonight for this week’s go-home show before War Games.

Ray also mentioned Darin Zion’s remarkable win in a 3 on 1 handicap match this past Saturday night at HOW’s Refueled LXIII against the current HOW World Champion, a two-time HOW World Champion, and Steve Solex.  He explained how Zion rose to the occasion and managed to pin Jace Parker Davidson just one night after a Friday night MVW house show in Columbus, Nebraska brought forth a frustrating DQ loss for Zion to Corey Beckett.

Zion was whisked away after Friday night’s match and transported to a local airfield to be flown to Denver, Los Angeles, and then Honolulu.  Zion then jumped on a chartered helicopter to rendezvous with the USS Octane somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in time for Saturday’s HOW Refueled LXIII.

McAvay congratulated Zion for the win and hoped it helps turn his fortunes around.

Then Ray finished with this…

If you missed the final few minutes of Saturday night’s HOR, well, let me just say this.  Pro wrestling is all about creating memorable moments.  I have to say that the last part of the HOR was definitely one of those moments.