Early Morning Deal Signed
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Early Morning Deal Signed

The following video was sent into HOWrestling.com to be shared with the masses.

We see the majority owner and GOD of HOW standing behind his desk as he seemingly stares at someone else who is across from him.  The Camera pans out and we see the man who has recently copied Lee’s own bald hairstyle, the minority Owner of HOW, Scottywood.

Scottywood: So it’s official now, the paperwork is signed.  My Ownership of HOW is on the line at War Games.

Lee Best: Yeah dickhead, this better show everyone just what I am willing to do make sure LT and her fucking Team 11:59 will not win come War Games.  So you better bring the Scottywood that I put on my War Games team in 2008… and not the half assed version I have gotten over the last several years.

Scottywood: Trust me… I’ll bring the anarchy to War Games.  Whether I survive or get eliminated, I going to prove to everyone that despite what they might fucking think, I belong in this match.  But believe me when I say I have every intention to finally be a survivor and win back something everyone questions the validity of me winning years ago.

Lee Best: I don’t give a shit if you survive or get eliminated.  I just care that The Best Team wins.  So we win, you keep your ownership of HOW and I promise you that percentage you own is just not a lameduck deal. I will make it worth it.  We lose… you finally lose everything and I get back the ownership of HOW that you and Mike have been passing around for the past two years.

Scottywood: I know the fucking deal… and it’s all well worth it to get into that War Games cage one last time.  To show everyone that coming back to the Refueled Era of HOW was not a mistake.  That the Scottywood who took Mike Best to the fucking limit in that HOFC cage, will fucking destroy everyone inside the War Games one.  That I am just what you called me when I was announced to the War Games match… a wild card.

Lee Best: Lots of words there Scooter. Time to back that shit up with action. I am done talking. Show me something.

Scottywood: Bottom Line… I’m fucking back Lee.  You wanted a fire lit under my ass… and now I am gonna burn every motherfucker in my way at War Games.

The rare handshake between Lee and Scotty seals the deal as the video ends.