What You Didn’t See Last Night on Refueled LX
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What You Didn’t See Last Night on Refueled LX

Before last night’s main event for the HOW Tag Team title, Grappler’s Local 214 came out without any entrance music per Lee Best’s edict.

Lindsay Troy, Teddy Palmer, and Conor Fuse all came out to the ring first and received an ovation from the Glendale, Arizona HOW fans and a spontaneous chant of ‘214…214…’ broke out in the crowd.

The ovation and chants continued when the two men who were defending the tag titles, Zeb Martin and Ray McAvay, stepped out on stage next.

While Barbie-Q led Zeb and McAvay down the ramp towards ringside where they would meet up with their Grappler’s Local 214 teammates, this happened…

“Do you hear the people sing- singing the song of angry men
It is the music of the people who will not be slaves again…”

That’s right, a small group of fans in the lower level began to sing ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’ from the musical Les Miserables and soon the entire arena joined in the impromptu sing along.  This caused the Best Alliance’s entrance to the ring to be delayed several minutes and is why an extended commercial break had to be taken last night to make sure that none of Grappler’s Local 214’s entrance aired on HOTv.

However, fans who attended last night’s show began to post videos on YouTube earlier today and the video soon went viral.